At Crazy Ideas College (CIC) we do what we do because we want young people equipped, connected and unleashed to do crazy good in the world.

“Our children and our grandchildren are our elders in universe time. They are born into a more complex, more evolved universe than we can experience or than we can know. It is our privilege to see that new world through their eyes.” 

- Buckminster Fuller

We all benefit when we unlock the ingenuity, resourcefulness and optimism of young people. We want community and business connected to an army of young people who are big-hearted, imaginative and passionate about the possible – super-charged problem solvers with a doer’s orientation.

  • Equipping young people with the skills that are highly valued by business and community
  • Transforming the way young people connect and collaborate with business and community
  • Unleashing young people to lead, innovate and bring bold and inspired ideas to life

Our pioneering approach excels at:

Young people participating in CIC programs learn methodologies, tools and mindsets that help them build healthy and prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.

Having launched in 2016, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing thousands of young Australians step up and make their mark. It’s time for CIC to be bold and go big. We’re intent on extending our impact and establishing CIC as a purpose driven enterprise powered by young people.

Sarah Marriott

Social Innovation Partnerships

Sarah takes great delight in building meaningful connections between young people, business and community.

Conor Fowler


Conor loves celebrating young people and their accomplishments, and recognises the value in collaboration between businesses and youth.

Matt Hanlon

Lead Educator

Matt has worked as an educator in schools for over 20 years and is a dab hand at designing great programs. Matt understands how to make the connections with schools stick.

Zoe Burrows

Partnerships Lead 

Zoe is brilliant at building productive partnerships and making sure all aspects of a project are humming.

Kieran Murrihy

Futurist and Founding Director

Kieran is a futurist with deep expertise in place-based revitalisation.

Kieran continues to consult across the government, business, education, health and community sectors on future focussed strategy and innovation.

The Crazy Good Team

Masina Martin

Masina’s strongest belief is that young people truly are the future of our society, and the best thing we can do is to provide them with the tools to flourish and be great. She feels that schools and communities can benefit from seeing young people as change assets, and with skills to harness to create new solutions to systemic problems.

“Through CIC, I want young people to discover and cultivate their skills to do crazy good and amazing things”.

Tim Lutton

For Tim, the concept of turning crazy good ideas into a reality is very real, as he has achieved recognition for industrial design projects at both state and national level. Tim believes the key to creating change is through creative problem solving.

“CIC delivers positive and meaningful impact in the face of society’s biggest problems. To see more young people inspired, equipped and ready to create change would be nothing short of amazing”.

Jacqueline Stark

Jacqueline is passionate about social change and entrepreneurship, having been involved in social change movements including the Global Leadership Program, One Girl and the Foundation for Young Australians. She believes that young people have the power to create global change.

“CIC represents a new era of ideation that is working to solve the key social issues of the 21st century”.

Nick Chu

Developing creative solutions to today's most pressing social challenges and collaborating with other innovators are the things that motivate Nick everyday. Nick is passionate about supporting rising young leaders in tackling issues that matter.

“I’m looking forward to working with CIC and I hope to empower the upcoming generation of leaders and innovators and develop my own network of emerging professionals with whom I can continue to work alongside in the future”.

Jemima Hutton

Jemima is a diagnosed dyslexic student, who was the dux of her school. She started her own company, Dyslexia Demystified, to support and empower young people with dyslexia, and has presented keynotes at more than 50 schools around Australia, and even in Japan.

“My hope is that CIC becomes this amazing collaborative community of young entrepreneurs, whose businesses work together to create meaningful social change”.

Matthew D'Onofrio

Lily Hodder

Matthew is an award winning entrepreneur, who at 17 developed his first startup Nightlife First Aid, aimed at targeting safe partying among youth, sending out first aiders to be on site at parties in case medical emergencies occur. He was listed in the ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ in 2018.

“The disruption of the education industry is well overdue and I think CIC has the potential to become the template for a brand new education system, one that is relevant, useful and inspiring”.

Lily aspires to be a key driver of change and is passionate about cultivating social impact. Lily has experience in a number of social enterprises, including as Head of Strategy with People of Purpose, the World Youth Forum, and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

“'What excites me the most about CIC is the inherent recognition of the power of young people to enact change and CIC's role in building the capacity of young people to be at the forefront leading this change”.


“CIC provided the expertise, structure and support we needed to create an authentic, real world learning experience that increased our students’ sense of agency, both as learners and as change-makers. Our world needs more young people with crazy good ideas and CIC understands how to work with schools to make that happen.”

Rachael Williams, Year 9 Learning Leader