At the start of the year, over 110 staff members gathered for a full day futures workshop where they established bold and imaginative visions for the future. This workshop showcased the appetite for change and set the foundation for innovation priorities:

The CIC team then supported twenty staff through a six week innovation process that enabled them to discover new insights, generate ideas and convert those ideas into viable opportunities.

Approximately 100 students participated in an innovation CICstarter so that they could play a lead role developing ideas for enhancing learning and improving school life. Ideas were pitched to school leaders and promising ideas identified.

  • Increasing student choice and engagement
  • Shifting the role of the teacher and encouraging collaborative learning
  • Establishing real world, future focussed, learning opportunities
  • Changing the measures of success
  • Tapping into the broad range of resources available in a globally connected world


Dakabin State High School is situated in Brisbane and aims to prepare students to be resilient, healthy and successful citizens in the 21st century. The school appreciates that students have a diverse range of needs and that in some instances conventional schooling models are not working for students, staff and the community. CIC supported the school to reimagine what the school model looks like and to introduce innovations that move them towards their vision for the future.

Teachers and school leaders have built their capacity to lead ongoing change at the school. More specifically, they have developed knowledge, resources and processes that will enable them to systematically and effectively develop innovations that transform learning, enhance outcomes and bring the school’s vision to life.

Five smart start experiments, focussed on innovation priorities were designed and implemented. CIC supported staff to develop an action learning framework to measure the success of the experiments and assess how best to modify and scale the ideas.

Students generated a range of creative ideas and aspects of the best of these have been incorporated into school activity and planning. Ideas included:

  • Creating part time work and work experience opportunities within the school
  • Establishing tools for assessing effort as part of the student grade
  • Designing an experience for teachers and students where they learn together as peers