Programs will be tailored to suit your requirements and can be delivered as one-off sessions or as a multi week action learning experience.


Program Design:

Working in teams, young people will be supported to develop creative responses to societal challenges. The CIC team stages idea development workshops and provides young people with the CIC Social Innovation Curriculum and associated resources. Teams pitch to community leaders with promising ideas identified and advanced. Ideas are promoted online and at key community sites so that young people pollinate their work and attract more people into the conversation. CIC has been designed so that young people can be drawn into the process through their schools or interest groups.

CIC provides a unique opportunity for government and community organisations to;

  • Generate unorthodox responses to your big challenges
  • Learn what matters most to young people
  • Build your pool of young social innovators


Young people often feel disconnected from decision making processes and underestimate their ability to effect change. As we find ourselves facing a range of societal problems resistant to traditional responses, this is a cracking good time for government, organisations and communities to enliven youth engagement and harness the creativity and resourcefulness of young people.


Program Design:
The Future Ready program enables young people to explore the future world of work, consider career options and identify the contribution they want to make in the world. As future aspirations become more evident, learners establish a Future Ready Plan that outlines the skills, interpersonal capacities and networks they wish to develop. Young people then work in teams to design creative ways for schools and communities to better prepare young people for the world of work.

By adopting a proactive and optimistic stance young people enhance their prospects and gain a competitive advantage. The program supports communities to develop plans for ensuring business and industry have access to a talented pool of young people ready for the challenges of the modern workforce.


The future prosperity of our communities is enhanced when young people have the skills, confidence and connections to thrive in the modern world. The Foundation for Young Australians reports that the world of work is transforming in significant ways and that many young people lack confidence in their workforce futures.


Program Design:

The program extends the capacity of young people to lead change… in their own lives, in their communities and in the world at large. CIC leaders learn how to develop compelling visions of the future and how they can create the conditions by which others are encouraged to contribute to the achievement of that vision. Leaders will be provided with the CIC Leaders Toolkit and participate in learning labs and workshops. More specifically, they will learn about:

  • Leadership and the self
  • Leading others
  • Leadership behaviours and practices
  • Influencing the systems, services and institutions around them

Leaders undertake an action learning experience whereby they design and lead an innovation addressing an issue that matters to community.


Although young people are provided with a range of leadership opportunities in their communities, many are frustrated that they don’t know how to use these opportunities to make an impact on the issues they care most deeply about. Youth engagement activities are often dispersed across multiple organisations and it can be difficult to integrate and coordinate efforts. 

Professional Development: Enlivening Youth Engagement

Program Design:

The program helps you reimagine and reinvigorate how you engage young people in your community. Delivered as an action learning program, participants will be supported to design and trial a program whereby young people act as social innovators for local challenges. CIC will also support you to assess how you can redesign existing practices and processes to increase the influence of young people. Participants will have access to the CIC Youth Engagement Toolkit, one on one coaching and design workshops. 

By extending the pool of talented young people you are connected to, your organisation will be well positioned to draw forth meaningful contributions from young people.


Many organisations and communities find it difficult to engage young people and connect them into planning and decision-making processes. Oftentimes engagement stops at consultation and young people are not activated as innovators and idea generators.