Partnering with Southern Cross Grammar to launch Design Week!

We had lots of fun collaborating with staff at Southern Cross Grammar (SCG) to co-design and implement Design Week.

The CIC team, in partnership with SCG educators worked with 250 year 7-9 students over a 5 day period. Students completed our Social Innovators, Lead4impact and Future Ready programs. SCG has produced a brilliant video that showcases students sharing their experience and talking about what has opened up for them as a result of participating in design week.

Crazy Ideas College were excellent collaborators in our two-week Design Learning program. CIC were available at every step of the way, through planning, the delivery, and in our reflection meetings to ensure that the brief was met and that most importantly our students were able to gain all that they possibly could from the experience. To see our students, post-pandemic, work on and flex their soft skills was inspiring. The teamwork, design process and leadership focus over the fortnight allowed for our students to seize autonomy and agency in a process they haven’t been able to physically experience in over two years. The outcomes were phenomenal in the subsequent weeks and months after CIC’s short-stay with us, with students now more confident in their public speaking skills and in their ability to actively pursue learning pathways where the ‘right answer’ is not always the aim of the program.

- Megan Unthank, Head of Teaching and Learning

'I think the biggest thing was being able to collaborate with people I'm not 100% friends with, but learning how to draw on their strengths, and their different leadership capabilities and archetypes so that they can work to the best of their ability'

- Jacob, Year 8