Future Ready

The Foundation for Young Australians reports that the world of work is transforming in significant ways and that many young people lack confidence in their workforce futures.

The future prosperity of our communities is enhanced when young people have the skills, confidence and connections to thrive in the modern world of work. Participation in this program ensures communities have access to a talented pipeline of young people ready to make a valuable contribution.

The Program:

Future Ready (FR) enables young people to explore the future world of work, clarify their talents and identify the contribution they want to make in the world. 

FR is delivered in an engaging way with young people interacting with compelling and evocative scenarios of the future. The FR model progresses through four steps:

  1. Explore the future world of work
  2. Clarify talents and interests
  3. Envisage a bright future
  4. Develop a Future Ready Plan

    The Future Ready Plan allows young people to outline the skills, interpersonal capacities and networks they wish to develop. It becomes an invaluable tool for helping young people have rich and productive career conversations. 

    By adopting a proactive and optimistic stance young people build confidence, gain clarity and enhance their future prospects. 

    Making it work:

    FR is delivered through a combination of workshops, coaching sessions and the provision of learning resources. By providing end to end support CIC ensures all stakeholders are set up for success.

    The CIC team will work with you to design a package of support that best suits your objectives and requirements.