As the working world changes around us, young people are often unsure what the jobs of the future are going to be, and what skills will be essential for their success. Whether it’s because of advances in technology, the streamlining of processes, or just different desires, our young people need to be supported in developing a wide range of skills.

IBM SkillsBuild

To promote future ready skill building among young people Crazy Ideas College has partnered with IBM and their SkillsBuild program, to give students across Australia the opportunity to attend programs that help them identify the future contribution they want to make to the world around them. 

Loreto College Ballarat completed the CIC Future Ready Program supported by IBM SkillsBuild.

IBM SkillsBuild is a free and easy-to-use online learning platform that brings in-demand tech and professional skills to teachers and students at the high school and college levels.

Supported by IBM, the CIC team is staging our Lead4Impact and Future Ready programs with more than 3000 students across Australia, while supporting schools to find creative and useful ways to enable students to use the resources on SkillsBuild to develop key skills and earn credentials.