Ideas2Life Lab

An innovation incubator for young people, and one of Australia’s best pipelines for developing talented and passionate changemakers.

The creativity and hopefulness of youth, when matched by action is a powerful tonic that is capable of drawing a broad range of people into collective change efforts.

CIC is pleased to present the spectacular, crackingly good and long overdue, Ideas to Life Lab (i2L)!

The i2L Lab enables young Australians to collaborate with community and business to bring bold and inspired ideas to life. These ideas showcase new and ingenious ways to care for our planet and help more people live healthy, prosperous and connected lives.

Each year CIC’s Social Innovators program engages thousands of young Australians who work in teams to generate crazy good ideas. The i2L Lab provides teams with the coaching, skills, connections and resources they need to bring their idea to life.

The Lab

More than 50 teams have already implemented ideas.

  • Hire a Grandkid is building social connections across generations​
  • Paper Seed Bags is teaming up with a local supermarket to introduce bio-degradable bags that grow into plants

Help us scale:

  • The pipeline of talented young people generating ideas
  • Our crew of high-quality coaches
  • The assets and funds used to trial and scale great ideas
  • The network of people and organisations that collaborate with teams
  • Channels for sharing stories, ideas and impact

    Contact Paige at to get involved!

    Join the adventure and help make sure these talented young changemakers are properly supported!