Lead For Impact

Young people are provided with a range of leadership opportunities in schools and communities. Many young people find however, that when they step into leadership positions they do not have a clear understanding of what good leadership looks like. Often they don’t have the tools, frameworks and mindset to support their ongoing learning and development as leaders. 

The Program:

Lead4Impact extends the capacity of young people to lead change… in their own lives, in their schools, in their communities and in the world at large. 

The Lead4Impact (L4i) model highlights four aspects of leadership that help young people lead and act in ways that are consistent with their values and strengths.

  1. Leadership and the self
  2. Leading with others
  3. Leadership tools and practices
  4. Making a positive impact

    By building a shared understanding of leadership, young people learn to collaborate more effectively and draw on each other’s talents. Young people are shown that leaders are prepared to step up and lead even when they may not feel entirely ready. Importantly the model makes it easier for young people to learn as they lead and to find ways to make a positive impact. 

    Making it work:

    L4i is delivered through a combination of workshops, coaching sessions and the provision of learning resources. By providing end to end support CIC ensures stakeholders are set up for success. 

    The L4i program can be integrated into a school or community’s existing leadership models. The CIC team will work with you to design a package of support that best suits your objectives and requirements.

    “In 2020, our Year 11 students undertook the Lead4Impact module prior to completing their application forms for formal school leadership in Year 12. This program helped them to understand themselves as leaders and the attributes they could bring to the upcoming student leadership team.  The focus on leadership styles, personal values and working as a team, gave them a head-start to taking on the challenge of leading the student body in 2021.”

    Adele Ryan, Director of Leadership and Service
    Ballarat Grammar

    “Lead4Impact helped me understand what methods I like to choose when leading but identifying different strategies that people use. This enlightened me to recognise how I like to lead, while also helping me understand the strengths and weaknesses leaders can have.” 

    Sam, Student at Ballarat Grammar