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Building a Prototype.

Building stuff can be great fun. Most of us have been doing it since we were small. But did you know building models can also be essential when you’re trying to pitch a crazy good idea? In this activity young people will come up with an idea that excites them and then build an awesome prototype. Ready, steady, build!

Crazy Ideas Time.

Time to get a little crazy with the ideas. Getting creative can sometimes seem simple, but coming up with boundary pushing ideas, and breaking out of our orthodox way of thinking can be a challenge… enter this playful activity. Thinking caps on please!

Envisioning a Bright Future. 

Alrighty, it’s time to get crafty! It is easy to get stuck in our heads whilst innovating, so creating a vision board is a great way for young poeple to tap into a deeper level of creativity. This is a fun activity, and a great way to stretch that crazy ideas thinking one step further.

Empathy – Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Key to creating crazy good ideas, but often overlooked in the design process, is the ability to empathise with the end user. This activity will teach young people to look at an issue in a way they may never have before…

Design a Newspaper Headline for your Crazy Good Idea!

Have you longed to invent something brilliant that could help change the world? Well, in this activity young people will be donning their crazy good idea thinking caps and taking on the role of inventor. Here, creativity, critical thinking, perseverance and imagination all play a starring role.

Sketching Up A Storm. 

This activity is all about teaching young people to stretch their creative muscles and get sketching  incorporated into their ideation toolkit. Sometimes when you're sharing an idea, having a great (albeit simple) sketch can make all the difference!