Professional Development:
Activating agency, enterprise and innovation

Conventional learning models continue to build skills and capacities that are highly relevant for young people. At the same time, there is an increased awareness that students are well served by learning experiences that accentuate the development of curiosity, creativity, problem solving and enterprise skills. 

This CIC PD program supports educators to reimagine and redesign learning programs so that these capacities are nourished alongside traditional skills sets.

    The Program:

    Delivered as an action learning program, educators will be supported to design and trial a learning experience that challenges young people to engage as designers, creators, inventors and social innovators. CIC will also support participants to assess how existing practices and programs can be nudged to develop enterprise capacities and put students more in charge of their learning experience. Participants will have access to the CIC Toolkit, one on one coaching and design workshops.

    CIC appreciates that schools should not have to develop these skills alone. ‘Real world learning’ becomes more than a catchphrase when we show you how to more easily and effectively connect your local organisations, community and industry into school activity.