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CIC has been staged in over 40 schools and communities. We have developed the program so that it can be adapted to fit your objectives and requirements.

CIC helps you bring design and innovation into the classroom so that students learn how to create and invent services and products that enrich the lives of their fellow citizens. Students will enhance their design, innovation and entrepreneurial skills and importantly, learn how to lead change… in their own lives, in their schools, in community and in the world at large.

CIC has been delivered in a range of formats, from one day CICstarters through to full term social innovation programs. CIC has staged successful programs for university students, secondary school students and in primary schools. A number of schools have used CIC to get students generating ideas for transforming how learning occurs at the school. CIC provides online resources and face to face workshops to ensure students and teachers are set up for success.


CIC makes for a super lively and constructive youth engagement program. CIC will help you move beyond a straightforward consultation process, so that you tap into the creative genius of young people and connect with them as designers, inventors and social innovators. Young people are excellent pollinators and they will connect a wide audience into your process. In one community, young CICers generated over 3500 votes and comments from community members for their crazy good ideas.


We know that there are a host of wonderful organisations leading change on important societal issues. Let’s connect our young CICkers into your social change agenda so that we tap into their potential to build support for unorthodox and inspired ideas.


A number of communities have engaged CIC to stage a CICstarter workshop to stimulate entrepreneurial ideas and skills amongst local young people. We can take young people through a process whereby they ……. encourages them to discover new insights, generate ideas, select ideas for further development and convert ideas into viable opportunities…. discover new insights and possibilities, generate ideas and convert those ideas into entrepreneurial experiments.