We all benefit when we unlock the talent, resourcefulness and energy of young people. Oftentimes though, young people feel disconnected from decision making processes and underestimate their ability to affect change.

Social Innovators

CIC wants to see young people generating bold and inspired ideas – and we want them to bring those ideas to life in partnership with community and business. These ideas will showcase new and ingenious ways to care for our environment and help more people live healthy, connected, prosperous and fulfilling lives.

The Program.

Social Innovators (SI) equips young people with the skills and confidence to invent services, programs and products that enrich the lives of their fellow citizens. 

Working in teams young people follow CIC’s 4 step SI process to:

  1. Discover new insights around issues that they care about
  2. Generate crazy good ideas
  3. Prototype how these ideas can work in the community
  4. Develop compelling pitches that inspire action

CIC connects community and business partners into the program to help teams extend their thinking and bring great ideas to life.

Making it work.

SI is delivered through a combination of workshops, coaching sessions and the provision of learning resources. By providing end to end support CIC ensures all stakeholders are set up for success and teams are well supported as they advance ideas.

The CIC team will work with you to design a package of support that best suits your objectives and requirements.

“CIC was such a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in a creative and inspiring environment away from the classroom. They were challenged to be bold and innovative as they developed their ideas, responding to identified needs in the community. Students were enthusiastic in their participation, working collaboratively with peers across different year levels.”

Shannon Sosinski, Director of Positive Education, Emmanuel College, Gold Coast

“I would describe this CIC Social Innovators program as very exciting. You are excited about what you're going to do next and what you are going to learn. It is just quite different from a normal day of school, where you can actually create something new at this age.

Lauren, Year 9

Ballarat Grammar