The CICbeyond Wellbeing Challenge 2021


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An opportunity for Aussie students to generate bold ideas that reimagine wellbeing in their school in 2022.

Who: Yr 5-9 Students from across Australia. Unlimited student numbers and year levels welcome from registered schools.

When: Any time(s) between the 15th Nov – 17th Dec 2021. The program is made up of 4 sessions, totalling 3hrs. These sessions can be completed in a half day, spread across 4 weeks, or anything in between.

What: Students work in teams of 2-3 to generate an idea to enhance the wellbeing of their school community in 2022.

How (the ideation process): A 4-step CIC recipe, with all resources provided for seamless teacher facilitation. Teachers can also add their own ingredients. 

In-person and virtual (remote delivery) models are available.

How (the idea submit): Ideas are submitted via the Suggest it website; a positive, private platform for students to share their wellbeing idea back with their school. Schools will receive a consolidated ideas catalogue upon their program completion.

Partners: We are proud to have Swisse and One in Five as initiating partners for this program.

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The Challenge Overview.