Transforming collaboration between young people and business is one of the key tenets at Crazy Ideas College, and Winslow Infrastructure is one of our community partners that recognises its importance and value.

Winslow - Patterson River

Winslow Infrastructure recently supported Crazy Ideas College in running a Social Innovators Program at Patterson River Secondary College, guiding and empowering 75 students to create new, bold and innovative ideas focused on making the lives better for the people around them.

Emerging leaders from Winslow Infrastructure attended the pitch event, engaging with the students by providing insight and feedback to the young minds on what they loved about the ideas and ways to extend and enhance ideas.

The program was picked up and shared by local radio station RPP FM, who created a short video on the workshop:

Community Dog
Being close to animals improves our well-being and helps us feel content – actually it just rocks. And yet many people who’d benefit find that they are not able to care for a pet full time. Community Dog makes it easier for people to have pets that they share with others. So as well as connecting with their beautiful animal, people will make new friends.

Earth Code
The big idea is to create a video game that shows what scenarios play out on earth depending on the choices we make. The team will start by creating a ‘choose your own adventure’ book that will be displayed at the Library and distributed through local schools.

    The Social Microwave
    Put simply, this high-tech microwave locks your food/treats insight for a set amount of time, to encourage you to get outside and connect with your community for the said time. So, “Lock your food inside. Go outside and socialise’.

    Green House Micro-Garden
    The team wants to make sure that having a tiny yard is no barrier to having delightful spaces where we can connect with nature. The team is going to develop and distribute ‘how to build a micro-garden’ kits in the local community and run a competition whereby they will design and build a micro-garden for three lucky residents.

      Some of the crazy good ideas that were developed by our teams include:

      “I find it exciting, because we’re starting to believe that this could actually happen, and we could actually make something that works.”

      Ally, Year 9 Student

      “It’s such an innovative way for us to participate in the community in which we work. What we find working with these students is that their energy is so great… as a company we find it intoxicating.”

      Damien Murrihy

      General Manager at Winslow Infrastructure

      Winslow is one of several businesses now recognising the importance of making strong partnerships and relationships with all members of society, including our youth.

      Winslow’s emerging leaders will support our young teams as they bring their ideas to life!

      “The ideas generated today demonstrated such futuristic and mature thinking, and really showed a thorough understanding of real life issues, and some awesome ideas around how to solve future problems.'

      Ebony Fisher, Senior Manager of Communications and Engagement

      “We spend a lot of time trying to develop critical and creative thinking skills for our students… making sure the work that the students are doing at school and the skills they are developing, they’re able to apply in the real world.”

      Daniel Dew, Principal
      Patterson River Secondary College